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How much can I expect to earn?
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The gift market for flowers in the UK alone, is estimated to be worth more than £800 million.  The Fruit Arrangement industry mirrors floristry and therefore, apart from funeral work, corresponds to the same season demand for products - Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, Easter, Christmas, Father's Day, Get Well Soon (Hospitals) and Thank you gifts.

A typical wedding order can be for £350 – and you might decide to plan to do at least one wedding each month. That’s £4,200 per year.  Wedding Exhibitions are a great way of generating leads and orders.

Seasonal events – Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day and Easter are all big gift giving opportunities and this is certainly when you can double and even triple your usual monthly order quotas – you could generate up to 200 orders at Christmas. (We'll give you factual examples in our training course on expected volume/return on advertising and marketing spend).

Special birthdays, Bar Mitzvah’s, Thank You and Get Well Soon etc might be in your plan to generate, in total, say an average of 40 sales per month;

Word of mouth and Networking can bring in a great deal of business – especially if you get your business cards circulating in the right circles! You might decide to plan for an extra 10 sales per month from this source, for example.

Then you’ve got the Corporate and Event market. A single order here can range from 30 orders to 60 orders per event.

You can see from this example how you could be producing an average of 40 orders per month – on a very part-time basis and realistically within four to six months of introducing this product in your area from scratch.  You could aim to do more than this – or a lot less. It’s entirely up to you.

First of all, let's blow away the 'something for nothing' myth that surrounds many online 'get rich quick' business concepts today. 

Running ANY type of business needs your time, attention and enthusiasm.  A fruit bouquet business is no different - depending on how you approach this opportunity, your income will reflect that fact - your potential income is entirely up to you!

You can choose to run this business on a very part time basis; link it to an existing business you may already own, or run it as a full-time gift and wedding/events business.   What a fruit bouquet business offers you is a fun and flexible income solution.

"I've only put two posters up and without any effort I've already got sales coming in and created a lot of interest in the product range!"  

~ Katie Rogers, Tooty Fruity Nottingham
A few facts and figures ...
Average gross profit of 60%

What I can tell you is that your average gross profit is 60% on each of the Tooty Fruity™ products that we've designed and sold. 

In addition to this, you can charge customers a delivery fee that will cover any fuel or vehicle costs. 

Dependent on seasonal fluctuations in fruit costs, this figure can go up or down.

Average sale is £30.00

The average price of the Tooty Fruity™ designed product sold is £30.00.

With an average gross profit (all the direct costs removed) you would receive £18 per bouquet sold.

An average bouquet takes just 20 minutes to make and wrap, ready for delivery (a delivery charge is also levied).

To illustrate your turnover potential:

Bouquets sold a day*Annual TurnoverAverage Gross Profit**

*Based on a 6 day week, average £30 bouquet sold x 52 weeks. **Gross Profit based on average 60%     
1 sold
2 sold
3 sold
4 sold
5 sold